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编辑:John Bonham-Carter,Repligen


  1. Introduction to Continuous Bioprocessing: Current Status and Trends
    Eric S. Langer, BioPlan Associates, Inc. and Ronald A. Rader
  2. How to Develop a Perfusion Process
    Véronique Chotteau, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)
  3. Strategies for development of perfusion media
    Delia Lyons, MilliporeSigma and Jochen Sieck, Merck KGaA
  4. Perfusion Application in Mobius® Single-use Bioreactors
    Michael Cunningham and Douglas Rank, MIlliporeSigma
  5. XCell™ Perfusion Technology Delivers High Throughput: Efficient Seed Train Process with Improved Fed-Batch Production Output
    W. Roy Lin, Shashi Kudugunti, Mario Sinani, Tim Erlandson and Dr. James Rusche, Repligen
  6. Product Quality Considerations of Perfusion Processes
    Thomas Villiger, Daniel Karst and Massimo Morbidelli, ETH Zurich
  7. Impurity Monitoring as Novel PAT Tool for Continuous Biopharmaceutical Processes
    Vignesh Rajamanickam, Dr. Patrick Sagmeister, Oliver Spadiut, and Christoph Herwig, TU Wien Austria
  8. Insect Cells and ATF
    Willem Adriaan (Wian) de Jongh, PhD, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies
  9. Scale up and Technology Transfer in a Continuous Processing Environment
    Sadettin S. Ozturk, Ph.D., Massbiologics
  10. Continuous Multicolumn Chromatography Processes
    Marc Bisschops, Pall Corporation
  11. Impact of Single‑use Technology on Continuous Bioprocessing
    William G. Whitford, GE Healthcare
  12. Continuous Bioprocessing's Impact on Facility Design
    Morten Munk, NNE A/S


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编辑:John Bonham-Carter,Repligen


  1. Introduction to Continuous Manufacturing:Technology Landscape and Trends
    Eric S. Langer and Ronald A. Rader, BioPlan Associates
  2. A Brief History of Perfusion Biomanufacturing
    Jerry Shevitz and John Bonham-Carter, Refine Technology
  3. Bioreactor Configuration and Operation
    Christel Fenge, Jörg Weyand, Gerhard Greller, Thorsten Adams, Sartorius Stedim Biotech
  4. How to Develop a Perfusion Process
    Véronique Chotteau, Royal Technical University, KTH
  5. Case Study: Optimized Perfusion
    Shaun Eckerle, Gallus BioPharmaceuticals
  6. Process Intensification Approaches for Cost Sensitive Protein Applications
    Willem Adriaan de Jongh, Expres2ion Biotechnologies
  7. Impact of Single-use Technology on Continuous Biorocessing
    William G. Whitford, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  8. Continuous Multicolumn Chromatography Processes
    Marc Bisschops, Tarpon Biosystems
  9. Continuous Processes: Economic Evaluation
    Andrew Sinclair and Andrew Brown, BioPharm Services
  10. Vision: Integrating Upstream and Downstream in a Fully Continuous Facility
    Tim Johnson, Genzyme


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