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KrosFlo® KTF TFF Systems

For efficient purification at commercial scale using tangential flow filtration (TFF), the KrosFlo® KTF Systems can process volumes over 2000 liters.
     • 10L - 2000L+ volume

TFF for commercial production purification

The KrosFlo® KTF TFF Systems were developed for large-scale downstream tangential flow microfiltration or ultrafiltration of shear sensitive cells or process solutions. Both systems use a single-use non-pulsating levitating magnetic pump controlled by a PLC.


KrosFlo® KTF Systems are set up on a mobile cart that supports the hollow fiber filter module,  an integrated ProConnex® flow path, an integrated non-invasive retentate control valve, up to two peristaltic pumps, the levitating recirculating pump, a clamp on ultrasonic retentate flow meter, a flow though ultrasonic permeate flow meter and the electrical cabinet with built in 15” color touch-screen HMI. The mobile cart is made of Sanitary 304 Stainless Steel to meet NEMA 4X wash down requirements.

Integrated system

Hollow fiber filter, custom ProConnex® flow path, control valve, peristaltic and recirculating pumps, flow meters, electrical cabinet, 15” color touch-screen interface mounted on a mobile cart 

custom flow path

Fully integrated with sterile,custom-engineered ProConnex® flow path


Compatible with KrosFlo® TFF systems from process development to commercial manufacturing


Sequences available in automated, semi-automated or manual operation modes

Easy to use

15" color touch screen computer display 


Repligen在ISO 9001质量管理体系下开发和生产用于生物制药行业的产品。我们专注于及时交付高质量、一致且稳健的产品,以确保我们客户的业务连续性。


Automatic Back Pressure Control Valve

Unique to Repligen, the KrosFlo® Back Pressure Control Valve is key to integrating and automating the TFF process, reducing operator process management time and TFF processing time.

  • Automatically adjusts tubing pinch distance according to user-defined set-points for inlet, retentate, permeate or transmembrane pressures (TMP) when attached to the ProConnex® flow path
  • Maintains a uniform TMP throughout the process run, decreasing membrane fouling
  • Controls the permeate pressure and flow during microfiltration applications
  • Releases and tightens the pinch valve as solution viscosity increases or decreases during a process
  • Can be set to start pinching from the open, middle, or closed position
  • Compatible with tubing sizes 13, 14, 16, 25, HP15, 17, HP24, 18, HP35, 36, and HP36


Enhanced through an engineering design process, ProConnex® Flow Paths are customized, configurable and complete assemblies for tangential flow filtration.  Designed for use with hollow fiber and/or flat sheet TFF systems, the assemblies are sterile, fit for upstream or downstream processing and manufactured in compliance with ISO guidelines in an ISO 7 clean room.

ProConnex® Flow Paths

Proprietary KF Comm Software

KF Comm Software

  • Automatically collects process data
  • Provides real-time overviews of the filtration process

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Excel

  • Automatically graphs data in Excel-based software
  • 21CFR Part 11 enabled when used with optional KF Comm Compliant Workbook and interface software package from OFNI Systems (ExcelSafe™)

Real-time operating parameters

  • Time
  • Feed Pressure
  • Retentate Pressure
  • Permeate Pressure
  • Feed Flow Rate
  • Diafiltration Flow Rate
  • Permeate Flow Rate 
  • Feed Scale Weight
  • Permeate Scale Weight
  • Pump RPM
  • Notes (Alarms, Process status, Functions)
  • Pump Mode

Processing parameters

  • Transmembrane Pressure (TMP)
  • Pressure Drop (ΔP)
  • Retentate Flow Rate
  • Permeate Flux
  • Volumetric Throughput (VT)
  • Concentration Factor
  • Shear
  • Diafiltration Volumes
  • Process Time
  • UV, Conductivity, and Temperature (with KONDUiT)

Compatible Filter Modules

Volume Inlet/ Outlet Side
Effective Length (cm) Total
Length (cm)


KrosFlo.png Production-scale TFF 10 – 100L 3" TC 1.5" TC 1 x FL
2 x FL
3 x FL
0.78 - 1.6 m2
1.65 - 3.25 m2
2.55 - 5.10 m2

KrosFlo® MAX

KrosFlo-MAX.png Production-scale TFF 100L – 1000+L 6" TC 1.5" TC R65
3 x FL
4.30 - 10.40 m2
7.10 - 17.10 m2
11.30 - 11.35 m2


See hollow fiber membrane types

Scalable from benchtop to production

The KrosFlo® family of TFF Systems for ultrafiltration and diafiltration supports scale up from process development to commercial manufacturing.




KrosFlo® KTF TFF Systems use a single-use non-pulsating levitating magnetic pump controlled by a PLC.

  • KTF 600 Recirculation Pump up to 50LPM @ 30 psig (2 Bar)
  • KTF 650 Recirculation Pumps up to 35ml/min to 50LPM @ 30 psig (2 Bar)
  • KTF 700 Recirculation Pumps up to 350ml/min to 50LPM @ 30 psig (2 Bar)
  • KTF 1000 Recirculation Pump up to 110 LPM @ 43 psig (3 Bar)


  • Software: Proficy HMI/SCADA-IFIX
  • 304 stainless steel mobile cart with four locking swivel casters
  • NEMA 4X rated enclosure, CE/UL
  • Pro-Connex® Flow Path stand
  • Retentate control valve that is non-invasive to the process stream
  • KTF 600 Recirculation Pump up to 43 LPM at 30 psig (2 bar)
  • KTF 1000 Recirculation Pump up to 110 LPM @ 43 psig (3 Bar)
  • Ethernet port for connection to central data acquisition system
  • 15” color touchscreen computer and display of reading and the rendering of the flow path
  • Ultrasonic non-invasive retentate flow meter (or flow sensor)
  • Ultrasonic flow through permeate flow meter (or flow sensor)
  • Visual and audible alarms with safety interlocks
  • USB port for data transfer and connection to external mouse or keyboard