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XCell ATF® | Stainless Steel

Simplify and intensify cell culture processes. The XCell ATF® System, a cell retention device attached to a bioreactor, delivers high cell density and process intensification.

XCell ATF® | Stainless Steel

A finalist for the 2012 Technology of the Decade Award from Bioprocess International, the XCell ATF® System uses hollow fiber filters to achieve high cell retention, concentration and viability.

The XCell ATF® System in stainless steel comes in five different sizes for operation from lab-scale to production-scale. Each system consists of a diaphragm pump in a stainless steel housing, a single-use hollow fiber filter cartridge, and a control system.

XCell ATF® 2

XCell ATF® 4

XCell ATF® 6

XCell ATF® 10


100% cell retention, high cell concentration and viability







global support


Repligen在ISO 9001质量管理体系下开发和生产用于生物制药行业的产品。我们专注于及时交付高质量、一致且稳健的产品,以确保我们客户的业务连续性。


Connecting to a bioreactor

The XCell ATF® System is easy to connect to standard bioreactors, including

  • Glass bioreactors (1L - 20L)
  • Wave type single-use  bioreactor (1L - 1000L) 
  • Stirred tank single-use  bioreactor (2L - 2000L)
  • Stainless steel bioreactors (20L - 2000L)
XCell™ ATF 系统 - 不锈钢

hollow fiber filters

The XCell ATF® System uses hollow fiber filters to achieve efficient cell retention or separation with low shear. Microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) filters come in five sizes corresponding to the size of the XCell ATF® System used, and are available in polysulfone or polyethersulfone for reduced protein binding.

There is a variety of hollow fiber filter options that can be selected depending on the specific cell culture process application. Options include:

  • Different membrane types -  polysulfone or polyethersulfone
  • Different microfiltration (MF) membrane pore sizes - 0.1 – 0.65 µ
  • Different ultrafiltration (UF) membrane molecular weight cut offs -  10 Kda – 750 Kda
  • Different surface areas

The Repligen Field Applications team can help select the right hollow fiber filter for your application.

Watch the video on how to install a hollow fiber filter into an XCell ATF® 10 stainless steel device.

Selection Guide

Presented are hollow fiber filter areas, XCell ATF® pump volumes, and typical bioreactor working volumes paired with each XCell ATF® System. Actual capacity and vessel size depend upon specific cell culture process conditions.

System Effective surface area 
Approximate ATF bikume exchanged
Suspension cultures volume
Microcarrier cultures volume
XCell ATF® 2 0.13 0.1 1 -  10 1 - 20
XCell ATF® 4 0.77 0.4 7 - 25 20 - 80
XCell ATF® 6 2.5 1.2 20 - 200 80 - 300
XCell ATF® 10 11.0 6.0 200 - 1000 300 - 1000

Systems and Components


XCell ATF® 2 System with C24 Controller
non-GMP only

XCell ATF® 4 System with C24 Controller
non-GMP only

XCell ATF® 4 System with C410 Controller
GMP and non-GMP possible

XCell ATF® 6 System with C410 Controller
GMP and non-GMP possible

XCell ATF® 10 System with C410 Controller
GMP only

XCell ATF® 2

XCell ATF® 4

XCell ATF® 6

XCell ATF® 10

C24 Controller
for XCell ATF® 2, XCell ATF® 4 Systems

C410 Controller
for XCell ATF® 4, XCell ATF® 6, XCell ATF® 10 Systems