Advancing TFF for Small Scale CGMP Production with KrosFlo RS 10

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to new small-scale TFF system specifically designed for CGMP production of mRNA, gene therapies, and personalized medicine
  • A review of built-in operational efficiency drivers such as real-time process analytics technology (PAT) and end-to-end automation beyond UF/DF steps

The latest in TFF system innovation by Repligen is here

Get an inside look into a new purpose-built single-use TFF system designed for process development and CGMP production of mRNA, gene therapies, and personalized medicine- The KrosFlo RS 10 

While much of the equipment that is being leveraged for these applications today are repurposed from applications supporting significantly larger volume ranges, this system truly satisfies the demand for smaller scales. With unique features including complete end-to-end automation and optional real-time concentration measurement, this TFF system may be exactly what you need to produce your next blockbuster drug.