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  High Performance

OPUS Valichrom Pre-packed Columns for process validation

With over 10,000 columns packed since 2007, OPUS ValiChrom Columns are uniquely suited for process validation. They are designed to match chromatographic efficiency and bed height of production scale columns with a precision of 1mm, making them ideal for parameter evaluation, process validation, and viral clearance studies.

Robust scale-down process validation

  • 功能性规模缩小建模 (规模缩小验证)
  • 填料批次验证
  • CIP方法验证
  • 工艺稳健性研究

OPUS ValiChrom Columns demonstrate reproducible packed bed performance for robust validation, as shown in the superimposition of HETP curves from 16 different units.

Because OPUS ValiChrom Columns match the bed height of the production scale column with a precision of 1mm, they are ideal for scale-down process validation.

 High Performance

Ideal for virus clearance studies

Clearance of virus during chromatographic steps is necessary in case of contamination of the used cell bank. OPUS ValiChrom Columns are ideal for testing multiple and identical packed columns to prove log-reduction.

Rapid and simple AAV capture and polish DOE with new digital tools

This outline describes the advanced and fully automated purification development and optimization for an AAV vector with OPUS® PD Columns and Tecan’s Fluent™ robotic workstation using online design tools.

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OPUS ValiChrom Pre-packed Columns for process validation

OPUS ValiChrom Columns are high performance glass pre-packed columns designed to be exact scale-down models of corresponding full-scale chromatography columns. Each column is individually flow-packed according to validated packing protocols with the precision of 1 mm bed height.

  • 可预装用户指定的层析填料 - 已超300种填料类型

  • 可装填至5-60cm之间的任意所需柱床高度

  • 以正确的压缩系数流动装柱,以模拟工艺层析柱的性能

  • 常用柱管直径,简化计算

  • 固定的柱床高度,可使适配器结构标准化

  • 带夹套的生物相容性精密孔硼硅玻璃柱,可方便观察整个柱床高度内的填料

  • 分析证书(CoA)包括柱效(塔板数/m)、不对称性以及压力流速。

Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

Repligen在ISO 9001质量管理体系下开发和生产用于生物制药行业的产品。我们专注于及时交付高质量、一致且稳健的产品,以确保我们客户的业务连续性。

Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany and Estonia.



Repligen DNA 为您提供支持。我们的目标是提供卓越的客户体验,并为所有 Repligen 产品和服务高效成功的采用及实施提供支持。

  • Field Application Support
  • 客户服务
  • 现场服务工程师





0.50 cm

0.66 cm

0.80 cm

1.00 cm

1.13 cm

1.60 cm

2.50 cm


10 - 60 cm (定制)


2-12 mL

3-20 mL

5-30 mL

8-45 mL

10-60 mL

20-120 mL

50-300 mL


0.2 cm2

0.34 cm2

0.5 cm2

0.79 cm2

1.0 cm2

2.0 cm2

5.0 cm2


1/16" 母接头 (10-32)                                      

M6 母接头


所有常用水性缓冲液,pH 1 – 14,有机溶剂**。 避免使用卤代有机溶剂、己烷


AIEC 和 CIEC 层析柱: 20 %乙醇 + 150 mM 氯化钠
HIC、SEC、亲和和MMC层析柱: 20 % 乙醇
CHT、CFT 层析柱 (Bio-Rad):20 % 乙醇 + 10 mM 磷酸钠,pH 6.8
ProSep® 层析柱(Millipore):1 % 苄醇+ 0.1M 醋酸钠,pH 5.1

推荐 储存温度

亲和层析柱:+2°C - +8°C


+4°C - +30°C

最高工作 压力



外管:PMMA;内管:硼硅玻璃;筛板:科德宝 PE/PP 7 - 12 µm 孔径

* 装填柱床的实际柱体积取决于所选的柱床高度。如有需要,可定制柱床高度< 10cm 的层析柱。
** 还需要考虑所预装的层析填料的化学稳定性。更多信息,请参考厂商的填料规格说明。更多信息,请参考厂商的填料规格说明。