Flexible Containment

NEW high-purity, robust bioprocessing film platform: ProConnex® RG-V

Introducing Repligen ProConnex RG-V Film, the pinnacle of single-use innovation. Engineered with precision and expertise, this 5-layer, 14 mil thick film sets the gold standard for single-use quality and reliability. From upstream to downstream bioprocessing applications, ProConnex RG-V Film serves as the basis for clean, leakproof single-use bag assemblies, used to construct flexible containment solutions including customizable ProConnex 2D and 3D bags.

Unmatched film performance where it matters most

  • Excellent flex crack resistance
  • Leak and puncture resistant
  • Low coefficient of friction outer layer for enhanced durability and ease of installation
  • Optimal gas and water vapor barrier properties
  • Non-animal origin formulation
  • All film layers formulated without Irgafos 168

Engineering quality into our process

  • Rapid, repeatable manufacturing format
  • Multiple films validated in our manufacturing process
  • Produced and assembled in an ISO-7 cleanroom
  • Extractables testing completed per BPOG 2020 standards (post gamma irradiation >45 kGy)

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2D bags from 25mL - 20L engineered for bioprocessing assemblies

Designed for seamless integration into upstream and downstream applications, ProConnex 2D bags optimize fluid transfer and handling throughout your process with options tailored to your specifications. Whether you're sampling, preparing buffers and media, or executing chromatography processes, our standard and customizable 2D bags ensure precision and reliability at every step.


  • Available from 25mL-20L to support scale-up needs
  • Multiple seam port options enable specialization of inlets and outlets 
  • Customize with tubing, clamps, filters, and other components of your choice
Our range of 2D bags is available in sizes from 25mL to 20L, engineered specifically for upstream and downstream bioprocessing applications.

3D bags customized to fit any bioprocess tank

Securely store and transfer high volumes of bioprocess liquids with purpose-built containment solutions. ProConnex 3D bags offer performance where you need it, with a qualified sealing apparatus ensuring reliability when handling large volumes. By providing a secure and sterile environment, ProConnex 3D bags minimize contamination and leakage risk while maximizing space utilization, ultimately increasing productivity and protecting integrity of valuable bioprocess materials throughout the entire workflow.

Crafted to exact user specifications for optimal performance

  • Customize to precise dimensions of any bioprocess tank, both rectangular and cylindrical
  • Ports can be located and configured to accommodate most any container or process requirement
  • Add components of your choice, from tubing to connectivity 

500 liter 3D bioprocessing bag with three top ports and three bottom ports, an example of the customization capabilities of ProConnex 3D bags.

1000 liter 3D bioprocessing bag with three top ports and three bottom ports, an example of the customization capabilities of ProConnex 3D bags.

Secure, ergonomic complete containment solution

Beyond our robust 3D bag manufacturing capabilities, we present a comprehensive containment solution that seamlessly integrates with your bioprocessing needs. Solve ergonomic, space, and single-use deployment challenges with our custom-fabricated non-metallic process equipment, including totes, tanks, drums, and more. With virtually unlimited configurations tailored to your unique needs, these containment solutions redefine versatility in bioprocessing.

  • Chemically resistant polypropylene construction with industry-leading welding method provides long term value with minimal maintenance
  • Completely manage your process with tubing management, filter management, ergonomics, and color-coding features incorporated into equipment design
  • Durable, robust design offers longevity with no rust or scaling, lasting longer than stainless steel under harsh sanitization conditions
  • Ensure security of supply by incorporating primary, secondary, and even tertiary bag vendor considerations into equipment structure

Enhance Your Operations with Precision-Engineered Solutions

A full suite of rigid and flexible containment solutions, from bottles to 2D and 3D bags, designed to streamline your biopharmaceutical processes while ensuring quality and flexibility.

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Rigid Containment

Designed-for-purpose bottles and carboys

Repligen ProConnex bottles and carboys are rigid containers specifically designed for efficient and ergonomic handling of high-value liquids during bioprocessing. All bottles and carboys are constructed of high-purity polypropylene and designed with zero internal crevice to reduce contamination risk, improve process efficiency, and help maintain consistent product quality. 

Our customizable bioprocessing bottles and carboys empower you to design with precision. From ergonomic handles to strategically placed ports and specifically engineered dip tubes, every detail is crafted to enhance efficiency and streamline your process. 

Suitable for buffer and media preparation, mixing applications, fluid sampling, single-use assemblies, and pharmaceutical production.

Manufactured to meet process requirements

  • 几乎“无限”的选择和配置形式
  • Customize handles, ports, and dip tubes 
  • Bottle geometry designed for use with simple magnetic stir pills or sophisticated magnetic impellers 
  • Available in sizes from 1L-50L

Commitment to quality

  • Supported by a full testing and data package
  • Leaders in non-metallic fabrication 
  • Animal-derived component free, USP Class VI-compliant

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Single-use polypropylene bottles and carboys designed for bioprocessing, available in sizes from 1 liter to 50 liter with customizable handles, ports, and dip tubes.

Vertically integrated supply chain ensures security of supply

Ensure on-time delivery of the single-use components you need to keep your process moving forward. Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities and our agile, flexible approach shortens and derisks your supply chain.

Dual-continent assembly centers

  • State-of-the-art, GMP-ready centers in Hopkinton, Massachusetts and Waterford, Ireland​
  • Global single-use manufacturing network

Process-first approach

  • Agnostic methodology identifies the best solution for your unique process needs
  • Streamlined experience from design to delivery

Vertically integrated supply chain

  • Supply chain management of your complete assembly
  • Best-in-class lead times



Non-metallic Process Equipment

Repligen 非金属工艺设备是传统不锈钢转运箱和推车的经济高效替代品。Repligen 产品提供众多的选择和配置形式,产品采用高质量的 VI 级无 TSE/BSE 材质,按客户特定应用需求,进行定制。

Fluid Transfer Solutions

Optimize transfer of high-value liquids

ProConnex® tubing and tubing management solutions are specifically manufactured to meet the stringent physical and quality requirements of biopharmaceutical applications.


Security at the point of connection

Hundreds of connection points are present throughout your workflow, each presenting risk of failure. ProConnex® single-use connectivity solutions are purpose-built for bioprocessing applications, optimizing fluid transfer within and between critical process steps.