No Dilutions

Measure highly concentrated samples directly without dilution.

Eliminate Background Correction

Buffer/ background correction only required in special circumstances.

Reduce Sample Prep

Direct measurements of highly concentrated samples saves time and consumables.

Rapid Results

Concentration results in about one minute.

Low Sample Volume

Method and sample vessel dependent ranging from <20 μl to 2 ml can be reclaimed.

Platform Technology

Confidently work system-to-system with +/- 2% repeatability.

Unlike the single value dependence of legacy UV-Vis methods, the data-dense slope method characterizes samples by collecting multiple absorbance data points at several pathlengths to create a section curve (absorbance vs. pathlength plot).

The section curve is then analyzed in real time to verify linearity in compliance with the Beer-Lambert law. The linear region of the section curve is directly proportional to the concentration of the sample based upon the sample extinction coefficient. 

The result?

The SoloVPE System reports concentration results in less than 60 seconds. Capable of making spectral and fixed-point measurements at wavelengths between 190 nm and 1100 nm at pathlengths between 5 microns and 15 millimeters, the SoloVPE solution is adaptable to a wide range of sample types and concentrations. The SoloVPE System method has been proven to be accurate, precise, and robust. Therefore, it can easily and successfully be validated in accordance with ICH Q2(R1) requirements.

The variable pathlength technology allows R2 values of ≥0.999, proving the robust system-to-system consistency.

Slope Spectroscopy Methods: The first and only slope spectrometer, capable of Slope Spectroscopy-based measurements. The SoloVPE System takes advantage of slope results based upon multiple data points instead of a single absorbance value. 

Rapid Sample Characterization: Rapidly characterize samples at different wavelengths and pathlengths using a single method. 

Education/Support: On-site installation and training included with system purchase. 

Linear Range Finder Technology: The system automatically identifies the linear region of section data sets to verify compliance with the Beer-Lambert law.

Dimensions: 10” [255 mm] (W) x 10” [255 mm] (D) x 15” [381 mm] (H)

Weight: 20 lbs. [9 kg]

*Spectroscopic Engine: Agilent Cary 60 Spectrophotometer Fiber Optic

Integration: CTech Dual-Use Fiber Optic Coupler

SoloVPE Power Requirements: SoloVPE unit contains no power supply (powered via Cary 60)

Cary 60 Power Requirements: 100-240 V AC, Frequency 47-63 Hz

Maximum Pathlength: 15.000 mm

Minimum Pathlength Step: 0.005 mm

Variable Pathlength Speed: >1.3 mm/sec

**Slope Repeatability: ± 2%

Sample Vessel Compatibility: Silica (Large, Small, Micro), Disposable Plastic (Small)

Fibrette Compatibility: OF0002 (Silica + Polyimide)

Sample Volume Required: Dependent on sample vessel used and method pathlength range.

Proximity to Cary 60: On top of or within 0.5 m

‡Measurement Pathlength Axis Orientation: Vertical

Required Computer Hardware per the Minimum Requirements of the Agilent Cary WinUV Software Package Repligen Recommends:

  • Min Processor: Intel i5
  • Min Hard drive: 250 Gb (SSD Preferred)

*Photometric performance characteristics are based upon the Cary 60 spectrophotometer specifications and are applicable to the Cary 60 independent of the SoloVPE System.
**Repeatability performance requires properly validated method and controlled homogeneous samples.
‡Samples that are not homogeneous, suspensions, improperly mixed, or not in solution could produce unexpected results. This should be assessed during method development.

Gold Particle Testing

Protein A280; Monoclonal Antibodies

  • 0.01 mg/mL to 300 mg/mL without dilution

Polysorbate Analysis

  • 0.1% to 5% stock solution direct measurement

Planova Integrity Testing

  • Directly measure sample and reduce the risk of false negative results

Quantitation of Nucleic Acids (DNA/RNA)

  • Up to 200 mg/mL without dilution
  • Plasmid Purity
  • Detect DNA and Protein at the same time

Antibody Drug Conjugates (Drug-to-Antibody Ratio)

Multicomponent Analysis

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 & Windows 10 compatible

Software Environment: Agilent Cary WinUV Software Suite Version 5.0 / 5.1 through (1042)

VPT Software Control: CTech SoloVPE Software Version 3.1

Validation Companion (Optional): CTech QuickVCA for use with the SoloVPE Validation

Security Companion (Optional): CTech SecureVPE Software Version 3.1 (for GxP implementations)

Prior Versions: Prior software versions may be available on request. Contact Sales for more information.

Legacy Support: Support for legacy products can be secured but subject to limitations.

Support Services

Enjoy the benefit of year-round technical support, scheduled maintenance, and more. We offer one- to three-year service contracts for your SoloVPE System. Schedule a visit from a Repligen process analytics representative to qualify your SoloVPE System.

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Application Service

Supplementary to our standard support options, application services provide you with increased access to our highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals. We offer implementation, method development, and educational guidance to maximize the benefits of your variable pathlength solutions and the Slope Spectroscopy® technique. 

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