Affinity Resins

The world's leading manufacturer of affinity ligands now makes best-in-class affinity purification resins for antibodies, proteins, viral vectors, IgGs, Fc fragments, and COVID-19 vaccines (SARS-COV-2).

AVIPure® AAV Affinity Resins

AVIPure® AAV Affinity Resins provide capture step purification of adeno-associated virus (AAV) 2, 5, 8, and 9 vectors with potential alkaline clean-in-place regeneration for improved process economics. A 50 µm cross-linked agarose matrix bead ensures compatibility with standard bioprocess columns and flow rates​.


Repligen 的行业最佳定制亲和填料开发可提供无与伦比的配基多样性、精简的工艺开发和广泛的生物分子阵列,以确保成功。 

CaptivA® Protein A 亲和填料

CaptivA® 填料是Protein A填料的价值之选,可提供与行业标准相当的结果,而成本显著低于传统填料。

AVIPure® Albumin Affinity Resin

Discover a high performance affinity chromatography resin for the primary capture of human albumin from complex feedstocks.

Immobilized Protein A (IPA) Resins

Repligen Immobilized Protein A (IPA) resins are animal-free, and incorporates a recombinant Protein A ligand immobilized onto a highly cross-linked agarose bead.