XCell ATF® Device Size Selection Guide

表中所示为每种XCell  ATF® 设备的中空纤维过滤器面积、XCell  ATF® 泵体积、以及典型生物反应器工作体积。 实际处理量和罐尺寸取决于特定细胞培养工艺条件。

设备Effective filter surface area (m2) Approximate ATF volume exchanged (L) Suspension cultures volume (L)
XCell ATF 10.022 0.017 0.5 - 2
XCell ATF 20.13 0.1 2-10
XCell ATF 40.77 0.4 10-50
XCell ATF 6 2.5 1.3 50-200
XCell ATF 10 11.0 6.0 200-1000

XCell ATF® Single-use Devices

XCell ATF® 1 Single-use Device

XCell ATF® 2 一次性使用设备

XCell ATF® 6 一次性使用设备

XCell ATF® 10 一次性使用设备

XCell ATF® 一次性使用管路套件


XCell ATF® Single-use Devices are supplied dry. To ensure robust filter performance, it is important to wet the filter prior to use.  The XCell ATF® Tubing Set and the suggested wetting protocols are designed to:

  • 降低润湿过程中气泡的形成,以确保过滤器被有效且完全地润湿
  • 方便进行使用前过滤器完整性测试,同时维持无菌性
  • Provide a means for evaluating the sterility of the XCell ATF® device prior to establishing the bioreactor connection
  • Allow change-out of the XCell ATF® device during a cell culture run without interrupting the bioreactor or XCell ATF® operation


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XCell ATF® Stainless Steel Devices

XCell ATF® 2 不锈钢设备

XCell ATF® 4 不锈钢设备

XCell ATF® 6 不锈钢设备

XCell ATF® 10 不锈钢设备


Watch the video on how to install a hollow fiber filter into an XCell ATF® 10 stainless steel device.


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XCell™ Controller

XCell™ Lab 控制器

   for use with:
XCell ATF® 1 (SU)
XCell ATF® 2 (SU,SS)
XCell® ATF 4 (SS)

XCell ATF® C410 控制器

for use with:
XCell ATF® 4 (SS)
XCell ATF® 6 (SU, SS)
XCell ATF® 10 (SU, SS)

XCell ATF® C410 控制器推车

XCell ATF® devices by scale