KrosFlo® TFF 系统

KrosFlo® 系统是用于切向流过滤 (TFF) 的一站式系统,与一次性使用中空纤维过滤器和/或平板膜包兼容,可在工艺开发到大规模生产的每个阶段实现现代化 UF/DF 操作。

Discover your next KrosFlo® TFF System

Adored and economical with good automation 5mL - 500L

Revered for its simplicity and capability, the Repligen KrosFlo® KR2i, KMPi, RPM and FS family of systems are some of the most widely used lab scale TFF platforms in the world.

KrosFlo® FS TFF Systems

Fully automate flat sheet TFF processes up to 500 L with configurable hardware components that deliver an unparalleled combination of automation, configurability, simplicity and compliance.

KrosFlo® KR2i TFF System

Single-use fully integrated benchtop TFF system for use in lab scale process development ranging from 2mL - 15L. Compatible with hollow fiber or flat sheet filters, this system offers many user-defined set-point controls so you can run complex applications in fully-automated modes.

KrosFlo® KR2i RPM™ 系统

具备在线蛋白质浓度管理功能的 TFF

在 UF/DF 操作期间实时监测浓度。利用 KrosFlo® KR2i TFF 系统的强大功能和集成 CTech™ FlowVPX® 系统提供的信息控制您的工艺,还可进行线蛋白质浓度管理。

KrosFlo® KMPi TFF System

Fully automate 100 ml - 500 L UF/DF processes using an unparalleled combination of hardware integration with peristaltic pump, configurability and automation through modular, plug-and-play hardware.

Highly configurable, small footprint with better automation 200L - 5000L

Popular in pilot scale and flexible manufacturing environments, the KrosFlo® KTF series offers unrivalled configurability to support multiple scales, unit operations and solutions while retaining a small footprint. Customization available upon request.

KrosFlo® KTF TFF Systems

The KrosFlo KTF are a series of highly configurable single-use TFF systems for multiple unit operations, applications, and filter types. With volumes spanning across 1 to 5000L, users enjoy the unrivaled flexibility of processing large and small batch sizes within the same platform.

cGMP compliant with end-to-end automation 35mL - 2000L

Ideal for mRNA and gene therapy production, KrosFlo® RS TFF series are industrial grade, fully automated cGMP manufacturing systems designed to take on an era of new modalities. Customization available upon request.

KrosFlo® RS TFF Systems

The KrosFlo® RS are a series of tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems engineered for an era of new modalities. These systems are single-use and cGMP compliant with features like end-to-end automation, minimal hold-up volumes, and effortless scalability. Support automated ultrafiltration and diafiltration (UF/DF) processes for batch volume ranges of 35mL to 2000L.