Modularity Made Easy with Plug-and-Play Configurability

KrosFlo® KR2i TFF systems achieve an unparalleled combination of configurability and user-simplicity through modular, plug-and-play hardware.  All components, either directly or indirectly, connect to the main pump, which then communicates with the KF Comm 2 software for control and monitoring. 


More Capabilities, Still Simple.

Get more out of TFF with the flexibility to configure your system to better suit your application needs. Keep your process compact and minimal or expand your capabilities to more advance modes of operation by adding components. Switch back and forth between configurations all without compromising on ease of use.




Automate, Control and Visualize with KF Comm 2

Control the whole system, configure recipes and automate processes in as little as 4 clicks through the intuitive KF Comm 2 software

  • Conveniently installed on any device using the Windows Operating System 
  • Compatible with Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox and Microsoft Explorer browsers
  • Automatic software and firmware updates
  • Optional 21 CFR Part 11 package available 


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仍在使用旧版KF Comm软件?    现在升级


Walk-away automation for your lab

The days of manually adjusting screw clamps are over. A Repligen-exclusive technology, the Automatic Back Pressure (ABV) Valve adds transmembrane pressure (TMP) control to every TFF process, reducing operator hands-on-time, data logging and continuous monitoring while improving process reproducibility. 

  • Automatically adjust tubing pinch distance according to user-defined set-points
  • Maintain uniform TMP throughout process run, decreasing membrane fouling
  • 使用兼容管号:13、 14、 16、 25、 HP15、 17、 HP24、 18、 HP35、 36 和 HP36

KrosFlo® KR2i Virtual Demo Series

In this 6-part series, Julie Grace, and Carl Breuning, provide viewers with a virtual training on the KrosFlo® KR2i TFF system. This training series will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to system components
  • Installation of flow-path and filter
  • KF Comm2 software overview
  • Recipe creation
  • Running a CFC/D/C experiment
  • Recovery of product


Standard and Configurable ProConnex® Flow Paths

ProConnex® Flow Paths are customized, configurable and complete assemblies for tangential flow filtration.  Designed for use with hollow fiber and/or flat sheet TFF systems, the assemblies are sterile, fit for upstream or downstream processing and manufactured in compliance with ISO guidelines in an ISO 7 clean room.

ProConnex® Flow Paths       Shop now


Effortless scaling with a single standardized platform  

Designed as a platform and not as standalone units, KrosFlo KR2i, KMPi, and FS lab scale TFF systems share the same components, software and controls across the entire family, allowing you to confidently standardize your process. Common process change challenges during scale-up are removed.



具备在线蛋白质浓度管理功能的 TFF

No longer are you dependent solely on mass inputs and off-line fixed-pathlength UV-Vis spectrophotometers. Now, you can measure what truly matters in real-time with the KrosFlo® KR2i RPM™ System. Monitor concentration in real time during your UF/DF run and control your process. 

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System features at a glance

The fully integrated KrosFlo KR2i TFF System features a digital peristaltic pump, graphical LCD display, digital pressure monitor, KR2i Pump head, automatic backpressure valve, filter module stand, and KF Comm real-time data collection software.

Highly configurable and versatile, the KrosFlo KR2i utilizes a number user-defined set-points to run complex application processes with numerous built-in safety alarms and stops. The system can run up to two stackable pump heads for higher flow rates.

Click on the links below to explore different features.


  • IP 33 级外壳
  • 600 RPM 泵,带可逆驱动
  • 90-260 Vrms @ 50/60 Hz
  • 标准 Easy Load 3 泵头,适用高精度13、14、16、25、17 和 18 号L/S管。
  • (选配) Easy Load 3 泵头,适用高性能15、24、35、36号L/S管。
  • ETL注册,带CE/UL/cUL标识
  • 泵驱动尺寸:10.5 in x 8 in x 8 in


  • 用于UF/DF的终点电导控制
  • 用于从药物递送颗粒中洗滤去除游离药物的终点UV控制
  • 用于特定分子浓缩时的终点UV控制
  • 用于膜穿透的UV警报
  • 提供A260 和 A280 光源

*UV 部件单独销售




KrosFlo® KR Jr Auxiliary Pump




  • 检测并显示4个压力值:进样压力、回流压力、滤液压力和跨膜压(TMP)
  • 用户定义的压力警报和停机设定点
  • 提供多种不同接头类型 (鲁尔和TC) 及结构材料选择 (PS、PC)


Manufacturing Centers of Excellence

Repligen在ISO 9001质量管理体系下开发和生产用于生物制药行业的产品。我们专注于及时交付高质量、一致且稳健的产品,以确保我们客户的业务连续性。

Repligen manufacturing sites are located in Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey in the United States and in Sweden, France, The Netherlands,  Germany and Estonia.



Repligen DNA 为您提供支持。我们的目标是提供卓越的客户体验,并为所有 Repligen 产品和服务高效成功的采用及实施提供支持。

  • Field Application Support
  • 客户服务
  • 现场服务工程师