Disruptive technologies transforming upstream process intensification for all modalities

Opportunities to gain significant product yield and improve process efficiency exist today for nearly all modalities. Process intensification has been proven to lower cost of goods, increase productivity, reduce facility footprint, and increase throughput. This webinar will highlight how the XCell ATF® and KrosFlo® TFDF® cell retention technologies are used to enable upstream process intensification. Industry case studies will be shown for multiple modalities including recombinant proteins, viral vectors and vaccines. Quantifiable improvements in yield, cost reduction and/or time will also be included.

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About the speaker


Melisa Carpio
Director, Global Upstream Field Applications

Melisa Carpio has over fifteen years of experience in the biotechnology industry working at Genitope, MedImmune, Takeda, and Sartorius. She is currently the Global Director of Upstream Field Applications at Repligen, managing the field scientists who help implement intensification using XCell ATF® and TFDF® technologies. The core of her expertise is in cell line development and upstream bioprocessing, including development and scale-up of various cell lines (CHO, 293, insect, yeast, bacteria), molecule types, expression systems, and bioreactor platforms. Melisa has a B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and a Management of Technology Certification from the Haas School of Business.