Poster: Scale AAV downstream purification for clinical manufacturing

Download an AAV scale-up study going from 1L to 500L using the Repligen KRM™ Chromatography System

This poster presents a case study on the scale-up of AAV affinity purification. The vector was produced in a 500-L bioreactor using a HEK293 cell line. The 1-L benchtop-scale purification process was optimized and scaled to 50-L and 167-L using the KRM™ Chromatography Systems platform.  All trials used the same clarified feed. All product fractions were analyzed by Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR). Recovery titers of the scale-up trials using the KRM™ Chromatography System achieved approximately 10% higher yield when compared to the benchtop trials, indicating that scale up efforts with the KRM™ Chromatography System can both executed quickly and provide process improvements.​