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Increase virus productivity, higher virus recovery and better throughput clarification

Demand for AAV and Lenti viral vectors has steadily increased due to their widespread use in gene and cell therapies. Providing efficient and scalable processes are critical to meet growing demands.  In these articles we will explore how intensification using Tangential flow depth filtration (TFDF®) in perfusion can increase viral production and how this technology can be used to increase throughput and simplify clarification. 

Intensified AAV Production with TFDF-based Perfusion Cell Culture:
This article will examine the implementation of TFDF-based perfusion cell culture for viral vector production can limit the cell density effect, and, therefore, intensify the virus production compared to current batch processes

Simplified Lentivirus and AAV clarification with TFDF-based intensified virus production:
In this paper we will look at how KrosFlo® TFDF® based process intensification leads to high virus production combined with simplified clarification compared to batch cell culture.

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