Application Note: Scalability and reproducibility of AAV9 capture step using KRM™ Chromatography System

Download an AAV scale-up study going from 1L to 500L using the Repligen KRM Chromatography System

This application note highlights a scale-up study on an AAV capture step. The vector was produced in a 500-L bioreactor using a HEK293 cell line. The 1-L benchtop-scale purification process was optimized and scaled to 50-L and 167-L using the KRM™ Chromatography Systems platform.  All trials used the same clarified feed. All product fractions were analyzed by Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR). ​

  • Successful scale-up was achieved ​
  • No increase in impurities​
  • Overall recovery increase of ≥13%